Me in a nutshell?

1. I am an overtly proud Swiss-American with roots in Basel, CH and Fairfield County, CT.

2. I went to college in Paris and met the love my life on the second day.

3. Nantucket is my happy place, but the Rocky Mountains are seriously starting to grow on me.

4. I like to say I got a real life MBA by way of my start-up experience at my parent’s incredible company, Churncraft. I spent three years building Churncraft with my family, gaining invaluable experience and self-taught skills along the way.

5. I attended the Masterclass Medicinal Cannabis in 2018 and walked away with an entirely new vision of cannabis as a plant, a medicine, an industry and a cultural phenomenon.

Hi! My name is Jojo Frey.

I love beautiful brands that tell a compelling story. When those brands are cannabis-related, even better.

These days, I help brands develop their strategic creative vision and formulate their digital narrative. From conceptualizing to creation, I have experience working on all aspects of the digital marketing and creative process.

I believe that informative content with beautiful design can change the mind of even the staunchest opponent. I am beyond excited to be apart of what I believe will be the greatest movement of my lifetime and can’t wait to see how this industry changes the world.

Let’s be real… the future is oh so green.